A Transcendental Artist.

Hello Folks :)

Some of you may have been to Berkeley Ca. between 1976 and 2010.

Telegraph Ave. and Channing st.

Tarot Corners .....

Where you might have subjected yourself to a Tarot Reading from me.

If this reminds anyone of anything (or not:) feel free to post any memories or questions for me here .....

Ali~Star is a 50+ year veteran Student of esoteric and '"Occult" literature and the theory and practice of divination.

As a Tarot reader or "Transcendental artist" He worked from 1976 till 2010 at the northeast corner of Channing and Telegraph ave. Berkeley Ca.

Now available by appointment only.

Ali-Star is also owner and moderator of
facebook groups:

Joe Tarot

Tarot CHAT noir

Aleister Crowley's Post Thelemic Tea Shoppe

Fortune Telling 101


Aleister Crowley Resource library and thoth deck